Building Safer Communities ‘Better Together’ Event Report

11th June 2018

‘Better Together’
Partner Inputs and Outcomes

 This event, kindly hosted by Scottish Fire and Rescue Service at their East Command Headquarters in Newbridge, Edinburgh was a follow up to the Partners Ambitions Event held on 1 June 2017. Below is a summary of what was discussed and who was present. You can download the full event report here.

The partners represented where:

  • Scottish Fire & Rescue Service
  • Police Scotland
  • Scottish Government Building Safer Communities
  • SCSN
  • RoSPA
  • Crimestoppers
  • SBRC
  • Neighbourhood Watch Scotland
  • SGN
  • Active & Independent Living Scotland – Falls
  • Inspiring Scotland


The key aims for the event were set as:

  • Get to know each other
  • Move towards joint/collaborative working
  • Establish safer communities

 The desired outcomes included a joint partner activity calendar, use of a shared communication platform, a partner seminar and to explore the concept of a Safer Communities Hub.

 After brief introductions and partner updates the event consisted of 4 interactive sessions:

  1. Mapping out current partner activity
  2. Capturing partner communication and engagement – who, what, where and how?
  3. Identifying gaps in BSC delivery
  4. Agreed Action Plan

The formats used included verbal discussion and providing input, thoughts and ideas via post-it notes. As a result a large amount of information was captured and all partners participated freely. The agreed rules for contribution were honest, authentic communication and sharing.

An agreed hashtag for the event was #BSCGetTogether

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